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SQL Server 2016 Report Designer always upgrades to 2016 RDL schema

Update (7/25/16): You should be fine with older versions of Report Server and SSMS 2016/Visual Studio 2015/SSDT, if you do these three things:

  1. Set the appropriate compatibility level for deployment (TargetServerVersion) in the report project properties.
  2. Build the report project before deploying (this may also catch some kinds of errors).
  3. Deploy from the build output directory (bin/Debug by default) rather than directly from the source code directory.

Disclaimer: I have not yet tested this, but the built RDL looks OK.

stackoverflow: Can I control the version of new SSDT reports in Visual Studio?

Original post:

I only have time for a quick post at the moment, but be aware that if you take advantage of the latest SSMS 2016/Visual Studio 2015 SSDT releases, they do (at last) incorporate the SSDT-BI designer templates. The VS 2015 Report Designer, however, always upgrades the edited RDL file to the 2016 RDL schema. Continue reading →