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Welcome to Megan Brooks’ Sql2Go™.com. You’ll find a brief introduction to me and this website here.

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SA Spoof | SQL Studies

Love this… This is nothing new but it’s still a fun idea. The problem: The vendor app we just purchased (and are told we must keep) requires the sa password. The vendor insists that sa is hard coded int… Source: SA Spoof | SQL Studies

SQL Server 2016 Report Designer always upgrades to 2016 RDL schema

Update (7/25/16): You should be fine with older versions of Report Server and SSMS 2016/Visual Studio 2015/SSDT, if you do these three things: Set the appropriate compatibility level for deployment (TargetServerVersion) in the report project properties. Build the report project before deploying (this may also catch some kinds of errors). … Continue reading →