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Sql2Go offers software development and consulting services for MS SQL Server. It is owned and operated by me, Megan Brooks, located in Sacramento County, California. Sql2Go seeks to provide specific, specialized SQL Server database development and administration services to clients, as needed, when needed. Billing is hourly (W-9/1099 required for extended projects).

I also offer audio-visual and information technology services — Megan2Go — within my range of experience which you can read about below.

Availability (Updated 8/03/17):

I am currently available for real time online database consulting as well as for extended projects. Consulting fees are hourly, billed in quarter-hour increments. Depending on project scope, common interest, and availability, I also accept some smaller projects on a volunteer basis.

I no longer accept permanent position offers. At this stage in my life I am focusing on the primary goal of Sql2Go which is providing services as needed.

For more information, contact Megan.

Why “Sql2Go?”

My SQL Server blog & personal website have been located at far2go.net for many years. It is  just a catchy name that is easy to remember, although if you think about it enough, it may seem to have implications ranging from “much work still to be done” to “unlimited opportunity.” But then that might be thinking about it a little too much – at the time I just needed to come up with a domain name, quickly.

“Sql2Go” comes from changing “far” to “sql.” It is still catchy, but the point is that I can offer database development and administration services to order, as you need them, at lower cost than hiring a full-time developer/DBA.


I have been developing for and administering SQL Server since 1998, beginning with SQL Server 6.5. I worked as a full-time corporate or academic application developer or systems programmer for more than 40 years and have been programming and consulting as a software developer since 1970.

My recent work has been with SQL Server 2016 and 2012 (SSRS, DB Engine, SSIS), developing and optimizing for and administering large databases. While I am retired from full-time permanent employment, I continue to offer consulting services.

When not consulting, I have been developing a genealogical database application using SQL Server 2016. It is currently at a proof-of-concept stage running on a local SQL Server, but my ultimate goal is to move it to Azure as an SaaS application.

I worked the early years of my professional career as the department technician for the Computer Science department at California State University, Sacramento, first part-time beginning in 1974 and then as a full-time staff member beginning in 1977 and continuing into 1979, when I became the lead systems programmer for the CSUS Computer Center, also a full-time staff position.

My work as a professional developer began in 1974 while working as a technician and studying for my BS in Computer Science at the same time (at CSUS), and continued as I transitioned into to systems programming and then applications programming and eventually database development. In the late 1980’s, as a developer, I assumed an additional role as a systems administrator and IT specialist (Microsoft & Unix) for other developers in the places where I worked. I am not a general-purpose “IT person” but I nevertheless have many years of IT/sysadmin experience with a focus on tools used by and issues encountered by software developers.

I have not done a great deal of video work, but I started as a student A-V helper when I was in 6th grade, and I have provided small-scale A-V support on and off when needed ever since.

My adult audio-visual experience extends back to 1982 when I first worked as a volunteer for a private educational organization doing audio logistics (primarily) and TV camera operator (occasionally), where I received training from professionals. In the mid-90’s I trained with another professional and volunteered for several years as an audio recordist for a local church that produced its own TV and radio outreach programming. In more recent years I have provided audio support for Women & Religion PCD retreats, leading to a volunteer position as the audio tech at UUSS between summer 2013 and fall 2015. I have been the volunteer audio-visual tech at Sierra Arden UCC since summer 2014, and I have provided paid audio consulting services to International Christian Fellowship and Bethany Presbyterian Church in Sacramento. I have also provided volunteer services to small non-profit groups. Applying my electronics technician background, I am able to offer installation and troubleshooting services as well as A-V systems operation.