(References are available for projects performed for other clients)


Provide audio-visual support for a three-day public lecture event in Auburn, California. (Megan2Go)

Current (Active) Projects:

Electronic organ audio output troubleshooting at Bethany Presbyterian Church (Megan2Go)

Resolve issues related to peculiarities in the floating-ground line outputs provided by the electronic organ. While most professional electronic keyboards offering unbalanced line outputs can be connected directly to a pro-audio sound system, this one is presenting some special challenges.

Completed Projects:

ICF mixer configuration and cabling (Megan2Go)

Providing audio consulting services as needed:

  • Configure QSC Touchmix-30 Pro front of house and monitor mixes
  • Recommend interconnect cabling, cable adapters, DI boxes, and other audio components
  • Implement monitor mixes (replaces simple daisy-chaining of monitors from mains)
  • Implement simplified DCA controls for layered mixing of music (guitar, bass, keyboard, vocals)
  • Configure and troubleshoot Ethernet/Wi-Fi network interface for remote control

Replacement organ sound system for Bethany Presbyterian Church (Megan2Go)

  • Design, specify, purchase, and install new active speakers and supporting components to replace a pair of aging/failing Allen Leslie organ speakers
  • Order, deliver and install components
  • Specify, pull and route new balanced audio cabling between organ console and speaker chambers.
  • Mount new speakers within speaker chambers for best coverage and sound quality.
  • Provide compact analog mixer for obtaining optimum blend of organ audio outputs while providing active unbalanced-to-balanced signal conversion to drive interconnects
  • Provide studio monitor speaker for improved foldback to organist

Sierra Arden UCC audio-visual enhancements (2014 – 2017)

  • Replaced an aging analog mixer in the sanctuary with a digital tablet-controlled mixer. Designed the system, specified, purchased, and installed components.
  • Installed a campus Ethernet/Wi-Fi network to support wireless mixer control and Internet access for performing software upgrades and providing public guest access. Multiple VLANs provide security, along with Wi-Fi guest isolation.
  • Designed a replacement audio system for the social hall, specified, purchased, and installed components, upgraded AC wiring with new power controls, and integrated the audio system with a new projection system.
  • Added an overhead monitor (foldback) speaker system in the sanctuary, consisting of two forward-facing overhead speakers, one on each side, a power amplifier, and cabling. Designed system, specified and purchased components, pulled cables, installed amplifier, and supervised speaker installation.

Sound system migration and support for Unitarian Universalist Society of Sacrament (2014-2015)

UUSS operated from a temporary location during 2014-2015 while its main building was being remodeled. This work was completed on a volunteer basis in order to provide audio support at the new location that was comparable to what had been available previously.

  • Planned sound system migration to temporary location (Sierra Arden UCC)
  • Evaluated and tested existing equipment at temporary location
  • Replaced existing mixer with UUSS’ mixer, relocating it from a wall-facing position in the balcony to a front-facing center balcony position
  • Added fill speaker support using existing disused wall speakers in conjunction with UUSS amplifier
  • Added secondary mixer at front of sanctuary to compensate for lack of lines running to the balcony when presenting special music
  • Provided audio support and recording services during the remodeling period for both UUSS and the host congregation
  • Removed UUSS equipment when remodeling was complete and their congregation returned to their new facilities. Work was phased with the Sierra Arden UCC A-V Enhancement project (above) so as to avoid any interruption in service to the host congregation.