(References are available for projects performed for other clients)

Current (Active) Sql2Go Projects:

Genealogical Proximity Database

A proof-of-concept exploration using SQL Server to identify proximities within genealogical data. Measures currently being employed include time (dates), location (geospatial information), and similar-sounding names. Future iterations may include genetic distance as well. If successful, this effort may evolve into an online analytical service.

ICF Mixer Configuration and Cabling

Providing audio consulting services as needed:

  • Configure QSC Touchmix-30 Pro front of house and monitor mixes
  • Recommend interconnect cabling, cable adapters, DI boxes, and other audio components
  • Implement monitor mixes (replaces simple daisy-chaining of monitors from mains)
  • Implement simplified DCA controls for layered mixing of music (guitar, bass, keyboard, vocals)
  • Configure and troubleshoot Ethernet/Wi-Fi network interface for remote control

Completed Projects:

Replacement Organ Speakers for Bethany Presbyterian Church

  • Design, specify, purchase, and install new active speakers and supporting components to replace a pair of aging/failing Allen Leslie organ speakers
  • Order, deliver and install components
  • Specify, pull and route new balanced audio cabling between organ console and speaker chambers.
  • Mount new speakers within speaker chambers for best coverage and sound quality.
  • Provide compact analog mixer for obtaining optimum blend of organ audio outputs while providing active unbalanced-to-balanced signal conversion to drive interconnects

Sierra Arden UCC Audio-Visual Enhancements (2014 – 2017)

  • Replaced an aging analog mixer in the sanctuary with a digital tablet-controlled mixer. Designed the system, specified, purchased, and installed components.
  • Installed a campus Ethernet/Wi-Fi network to support wireless mixer control and Internet access for performing software upgrades and providing public guest access. Multiple VLANs provide security, along with Wi-Fi guest isolation.
  • Designed a replacement audio system for the social hall, specified, purchased, and installed components, upgraded AC wiring with new power controls, and integrated the audio system with a new projection system.
  • Added an overhead monitor (foldback) speaker system in the sanctuary, consisting of two forward-facing overhead speakers, one on each side, a power amplifier, and cabling. Designed system, specified and purchased components, pulled cables, installed amplifier, and supervised speaker installation.