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No BI projects in Visual Studio 2012 — 4 Comments

  1. Unfortunately, the installer hangs at WaitSmartSetupWorkflow, the very first thing it does after starting the actual installation. Oh well — someday.

    Update: Actually, it was later that same day. Apparently I was having LAN problems. It finally installed, and it works!

    • Tks Megan.

      I was waiting forever with the message “WaitSmartSetupWorkflow” and after read your comment I’ve started the steps below and all works good.

      1) I disabled the network adapter. (the setup show an error message with a retry button)
      2) I re-enabled the network adapter
      3) I pressed retry button.

  2. That’s great! I will be glad to be done with VS 2010. It’s not anything personal, but it can’t use the new TFS 2012 workspaces with it, and I end up having to use a legacy workspace for VS 2010, which leads to having two separate TFS team project websites. Together again…

    Thank you!

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