Megan2Go services are a sideline of Sql2Go.

Megan2Go Services in Sacramento, California:
  • Professional audio services, including church audio-visual and portable PA for small-to-moderate-sized venues (weddings, large conference rooms & meeting halls, community events)
  • I am not a DJ but if you bring it, I can play it; mixing for small bands as well
  • Lightweight portable audio equipment including Behringer X Air XR18 mixer, QSC K10 speakers, and Shure wireless microphones
  • Wireless FOH console (Behringer X-Touch) — no snake
  • Outdoor events in favorable weather only
  • Sound system installation assistance
  • Basic electronics and electrical troubleshooting & repair

On-site services in the Greater Sacramento area (except WordPress & some troubleshooting — other exceptions are possible for some types of events).

  • Free initial consultation
  • Payment due upon satisfactory completion, terms Net-14
  • Deposit may be required for on-site services

Standard rates:

  • $25/hour for audio tech services including setup & strike
  • $30/hour for electronics technician (including audio) & IT technical services
  • Equipment rental fees (in conjunction with services) — ask for a quote

Some services may be offered gratis to churches and related organizations, and for neighborhood events. Larger church and non-profit events may be quoted at a discounted rate plus reimbursement for major expenses. Tips and mentions are always appreciated for these events.

Contact Megan2Go for availability and quotes. See About Sql2Go for more information about me.



Cable installation and repair

"Lift not included"

Photos from Auburn JSOR 2018

Audience View
Showing monitor wedge and cable management
Console View
Wireless connections — no snake
Main Speakers
QSC K10s, 10′ height, 7.5° tilt
Mixer and Wireless
Behringer X Air XR18 digital mixer, tucked behind stage (bottom)
Four wireless microphone channels + private network Wi-Fi router
Not shown: wireless IEM transmitter for remote monitoring

Online Payment: