Jesus Seminar on the Road, Auburn, California, Audio Support (Annual)

Provide sound (PA) support for this annual three-day public lecture event in Auburn, California. 2017 – 2019 and continuing. Supply wireless and wired microphones, mains, delay fill for side room, monitor, audio feed for streaming video, and assistive listening feed if requested. Lectures + Q&A panel.

Sierra Vista Community Annual Crab Feed & Auction

Provide PA support for auctioneers and announcements. 2015 – 2020, and continuing if requested.

Arcade Church Adult Bible Fellowship (Semi-annual)

Provide sound support (PA + live music mix), including speakers, microphones, and monitors for vocalists and instruments. August, 2019, January 2020, and continuing if requested.

Completed Engagements and Projects:

Arcade Church Thursday Evening Praise & Worship, 2018-2019

Provided mains + sub, stereo mixdown, EQ, and compression for recorded music, optimized for singing along. Transitioned to church-owned equipment (except sub) in 2020.

2019 Arcade Church Women’s Retreat, Zephyr Cove, Nevada, March 29-31, 2019

Provided audio support for a two-day (Friday evening through Sunday morning) women’s retreat. Worship team & presentations. Supplied mixer and console, wired, wireless handheld, and wireless headworn mic, and floor wedges. Photos

Refugee Vigil, Sacramento, California, January 20, 2019

Ran the installed equipment during the event.

Jesus Seminar on the Road, Auburn, California 2018 Audio Support

Provided audio (PA) support for a three-day public lecture event in Auburn, California, including main and fill speakers, floor wedge for lectern, wireless and wired micropones, PC audio source, and an audio feed for live streaming.

Arcade Church Vacation Bible School 2018, June 18-22, 2018

Ran sound for the daily morning assemblies, including band & drama

Sierra Arden Fall 2017 through Spring 2018 Events

Provided audio support for November-December 2017 and March 2018 weddings (4 total) at Sierra Arden UCC, as well as the 2018 Crab Feed fundraiser. Added a wireless FOH console (Behringer X-Touch) to the equipment provided, for more precise mixing.

Electronic organ audio output troubleshooting at Bethany Presbyterian Church (Megan2Go)

Resolved issues related to peculiarities in the floating-ground line outputs provided by the electronic organ.

Jesus Seminar on the Road, Auburn, California 2017 Audio Support

Provided audio (PA) support for a three-day public lecture event in Auburn, California, including main speakers, floor wedge for lectern, wireless microphones, PC audio source, and audio recording.

ICF mixer configuration and cabling (Megan2Go)

Providing audio consulting services as needed:

  • Configure QSC Touchmix-30 Pro front of house and monitor mixes
  • Recommend interconnect cabling, cable adapters, DI boxes, and other audio components
  • Implement monitor mixes (replaces simple daisy-chaining of monitors from mains)
  • Implement simplified DCA controls for layered mixing of music (guitar, bass, keyboard, vocals)
  • Configure and troubleshoot Ethernet/Wi-Fi network interface for remote control

Replacement organ sound system for Bethany Presbyterian Church (Megan2Go)

  • Design, specify, purchase, and install new active speakers and supporting components to replace a pair of aging/failing Allen Leslie organ speakers
  • Order, deliver and install components
  • Specify, pull and route new balanced audio cabling between organ console and speaker chambers.
  • Mount new speakers within speaker chambers for best coverage and sound quality.
  • Provide compact analog mixer for obtaining optimum blend of organ audio outputs while providing active unbalanced-to-balanced signal conversion to drive interconnects
  • Provide studio monitor speaker for improved foldback to organist

Sierra Arden UCC audio-visual enhancements (2014 – 2017)

  • Lead FOH tech, summer 2014 through summer 2017
  • Replaced an aging analog mixer in the sanctuary with a digital tablet-controlled mixer. Designed the system, specified, purchased, and installed components.
  • Installed a campus Ethernet/Wi-Fi network to support wireless mixer control and Internet access for performing software upgrades and providing public guest access. Multiple VLANs provide security, along with Wi-Fi guest isolation.
  • Designed a replacement audio system for the social hall, specified, purchased, and installed components, upgraded AC wiring with new power controls, and integrated the audio system with a new projection system.
  • Added an overhead monitor (foldback) speaker system in the sanctuary, consisting of two forward-facing overhead speakers, one on each side, a power amplifier, and cabling. Designed system, specified and purchased components, pulled cables, installed amplifier, and supervised speaker installation.

Audio-visual support for Women & Religion PCD annual women’s retreat, Napa, California (~2013-2016)

Provided sound support for the Kiva meeting room and the dining hall. Provided audio-visual support (TV/DVD, projector) as requested.

Sound system migration and support for Unitarian Universalist Society of Sacramento (2013-2015)

UUSS operated from a temporary location during 2014-2015 while its main building was being remodeled. This work was completed on a volunteer basis in order to provide audio support at the new location that was comparable to what had been available previously.

  • Lead FOH tech, fall 2013 to fall 2015
  • Planned sound system migration to temporary location (Sierra Arden UCC)
  • Evaluated and tested existing equipment at temporary location
  • Replaced existing mixer with UUSS’ mixer, relocating it from a wall-facing position in the balcony to a front-facing center balcony position
  • Added fill speaker support using existing disused wall speakers in conjunction with UUSS amplifier
  • Added secondary mixer at front of sanctuary to compensate for lack of lines running to the balcony when presenting special music
  • Provided audio support and recording services during the remodeling period for both UUSS and the host congregation
  • Removed UUSS equipment when remodeling was complete and their congregation returned to their new facilities. Work was phased with the Sierra Arden UCC A-V Enhancement project (above) so as to avoid any interruption in service to the host congregation.