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Sql2Go™, located in Sacramento, California, USA.
  • Performance optimization and troubleshooting for large and small SQL Server databases
  • Query development and optimization for SQL Server reporting & business intelligence applications
  • SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) report & code development and troubleshooting
  • SQL Server database design, enhancement, migration, and administration
  • ETL flow development using SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS)
  • C# development, for use with SSIS, web applications, or anywhere
  • Basic information technology installation and troubleshooting services
  • Simple WordPress website development (e.g. this website)

Pay for the work you need, as you need it.

Online MS SQL Server problem resolution and performance tuning & other technical consultation is available via Skype or Slack:

  • Free initial basic problem/requirements analysis
  • Billed at $30/hour, only for work actually performed and completed successfully
  • Payment is due upon satisfactory problem resolution, terms Net-15 for established clients; online payment accepted through PayPal
  • Development only: Developer testing performed where applicable. Unit tests included where supported. QA and deployment are the client’s responsibility. Can advise on production-down situations but will assume no liability. (Higher level of support may be possible at increased cost.)

On-site services are not currently offered.

Contact Sql2Go for more information.

Online Payment:

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